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Cheryl Major

About Me

Cheryl Major has been a communications professional in Canada for more than 12 years. In her experience as a Canadian Forces Public Affairs Officer, and as a Senior Communications Analyst for the Yukon Government, she has held portfolios that include brand ambassador development, emergency management, intergovernmental relations, strategic communications advice, education and community engagement. In 2018, she was recognized with an Assistant Deputy Minister (Public Affairs) Communications Award in Innovation for the concept, development and delivery of a training package to engage youth in public affairs. She currently manages a communications team of more than 150 staff and volunteers across more than 70 communities in B.C.

Cheryl is driven to work with organizations that are passionate about their business or services and are in line with her values of education, service, integrity, and empowering girls and women. She sits on the steering committee for the University of Victoria’s Diploma in Public Relations program and is President of the St. Margaret’s School Auxiliary. 

See what a passionate, innovative leader with extensive experience in B.C. and Yukon can do for you.

My Why

Cheryl is dedicated to serving your goals by getting to know your values and priorities. I am committed to helping small to medium businesses, schools, and service organizations access professional communications services at reasonable rates.